BYU at Texas 20110910


DKR stadiumCollege football is here! The BYU Cougars came to DKR in the ATX to play the Texas Longhorns on September 10, 2011. Both teams came into the contest with a 1-0 record, Texas having beaten Rice in Austin the previous week by a 25 point margin. UT was now looking to test themselves against a stronger opponent. While not a football powerhouse, BYU is known for fielding decent football teams. Inexplicably, perhaps, the Horns had never beaten the Cougars in two previous matchups. With conference realignment a hot-topic and BYU being discussed as a possible addition to the Big12 (sic) conference, racking up a win over the team from Provo would be sweet. Day Photos


Two empty drink glasses on a bar6th Street is where ATX goes to party after a win (or loss) in DKR. We hit up Pete's Piano Bar and sang-along with the dualeing pianos to modern hits and a lot of oldies. Then we roamed the streets and had fun people watching under a nearly full moon. Night Photos