An open letter to
San Diego Councilmember Todd Gloria
on illegal immigration

Dear Councilmember Gloria,

As a citizen residing in your district, I am very disappointed to see that you supported a resolution today attacking the recently-passed Arizona law on illegal immigration.  That law aims to slow the tsunami of illegal immigration into this country.

I have read through that Arizona law. My readings about this topic and the opinions of legal experts on the Arizona statute fully refute the charge that people will be pulled over for “driving while Mexican”, or any other form of racial profiling. Based on the wording of the law (which has its foundation in Federal immigration rules), police offers can’t simply pull you aside if you’re on your way to get ice cream with your kid because they think you may be here illegally. They must have probable cause to act.

Furthermore, the City of San Diego has enough on our plate, and enough problems to solve, without spending time criticizing another part of the United States.  I urge you to stop spending time criticizing the thoughtful and necessary actions of our neighbors in Arizona, and get back to business that is more directly pertinent to our city.

John M. Garrison