John M. Garrison - Digital Creations

Creative Projects using Adobe CS4 Master Collection

On this page I will highlight multimedia creations I have made using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, etc.

Uncle holding nephew with sunset behind

This is a simple poster I made just for fun. I was visiting family and we were just walking out of a restaurant when I noticed that if I moved quickly I could position one of my family members between the setting sun and myself. My brother's brother-in-law, Nathan, was holding my youngest nephew, Eric, (who is also Nathan's nephew of course). I got them in line with the sun and took the shot.

Brain Waves swim meet poster

That is my friend Bill's son Mack in the water. He organized a swim meet to raise money for the Art of the Brain, which is a research foundation for brain cancer. I helped him create the logo (not shown here). I made this poster using Adobe Illustrator for a class on took. The photo is one I took at the 2009 Brain Waves Swim Meet. Mack is not really holding that card, he is raising his hands to take off his goggles. I drew the card in there and then added the other text.

I used colors from this photo in the color scheme of this web page.

Poster showing multiple sports

This is another Adobe Illustrator assignment I made for class. The assignment specified the title, so don't blame me for that. The cruz of the assignment was to demonstrate cutting a subject out of a photo using Photoshop, and then positioning that photo into a poster using Illlustrator. It takes a little patience to get the edges right, but Photoshop has good tools that help a lot.

The photos all came from Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons and they are all Creative Commons licensed. Therefore, I release this poster into the Creative Commons as well. I don't really see how anyone could use a poster like this, but who knows? If you do find a use for it, drop me a line and let me know.

If you follow the link below to Flash Animations, you will see a Mother's Day Card I made using Adobe Flash. The idea is to simulate the petals flying off the panel and arranging themselves into something new. I think I may eventually do another version that uses more pedals, but I am pretty happy with the way this version turned out.

If you have looked at any of my macro photography, you might recognize the photo which forms the background for the animation.


Flash animations

I'm starting to explore what can be done with flash animations.

Check back for more digital creations coming soon.