Flowing Steram- High Dynamic Range Photogrpahy (HDR)

Steam HDR

Below are some photos I took on a hike at Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego, CA. I took 5 images of the same stream with varying camera exposures. Then I composited the photos into one High Dynamic Range (HDR) image, shown last in the series.

Stream Exposure 1 - minus 2 stops

Stream Exposure 1 - minus 1 stop

Stream Exposure 1 - exposed by meter

Stream Exposure 1 - plus 1 stop

Stream Exposure 1 - plus 2 stops

High Dynamic Range Composite of 5 Exposures

Did you know?

Radiole - photo from Wikipedia

A radiole (pictured) is a heavily ciliated feather-like tentacle found in highly organized clusters on the crowns of Canalipalpata. Canalipalpata is an order of sessile marine polychaete worms consisting of 31 families (including the Sabellidae, Serpulidae, Terebellidae, and Alvinellidae, a family of deep-sea worms associated with hydrothermal vents).