John M. Garrison - High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR)

Kensington HDR

Here are some new High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos I took in Kensington, a neighborhood of San Diego, California.

High dynamic range photo of a house

This is a High Dynamic Range image of my house. I thought the clouds would make a really nice presentation for a High Dynamic Range set. The lens flair adds an interesting touch, I think.

I initially started with my truck parked in the street, but I decided to move it to give a little more depth to the picture by letting the viewer see down the street. This view is looking roughly north-east.

High dynamic range photo of construction digger

This is a High Dynamic Range image of some construction equipment that was parked out front of my home for a while. This view is looking roughly west; my house is located behind me as I'm taking the picture.

This is part of the contruction to replace old water and sewer lines in my neighborhood. I'm the webmaster for the Kensington Talmadge Planning Group and we have a project page that keeps residents informed on the progress of this and other projects in our neighborhood.

High dynamic range image of construction equipment

This is another High Dynamic Range image of the same piece of construction equipment, same day. This view is looking roughly southwest. This made a good study for HDR because of the shadow being thrown on the street and the bottom of the digger, while the sun sparkles higher up the arm.

In the background you can see a very large rectangular tube that got placed underground temporarily during the project.

High Dynamic Range image of Kensington

This is a High Dynamic Range image of Adams Avenue, the main commercial street in Kensington. The main commercial segment is only a few blocks long. I am taking this picture from the north side of the street, looking rougly east into the sunrise.

At this point on Adams, the main commerical buildings are behind me to the west, though a few of the buildings to the east are businesses operated out of houses. Further east in the distance the houses are actually being used as residences.

Riddle of the day

I am as big as an elephant yet lighter than a feather. What am I?

I'm an elephant's shadow.