Offline Film

My first film credit

For the film Offline by Kelly Pratt, I made some Flash animations that were used in the movie. The movie is about a futuristic news room. In the future, everything is online, and of course people are avid multi-taskers so little graphics are always popping up all over the place. I did graphics for the news cast logo, some of the stories, and a commercial that airs at the very beginning of the movie.

The film was first screened May 7, 2011 and may still be viewable online if you follow the link.

The graphics below are examples of the graphics I did; they don't include the movie footage or any other elements of the film. My explanations do tell you a little about the movie, but I won't give away the central plot in case you want to watch the movie later.

Euphamine logo animation

The film opens on a scene of a family at home, with a narrator providing a voice-over. The viewer gradually comes to realize that it is a commercial for an anti-depression medication. I made the logo for the (fictional) drug, which is called Euphamine. Here is the Euphamine logo animated at 24 fps.

TLR Spinning globe animation

The news room is called "The Local Report". Despite the name, they do report on world news. I made several different logo designs for the director to pick from. For the film, we used a few of the different designs in different situations. When the Euphamine advertisement ends we come to the intro for the newscast. The main news logo that appears at the start of the broadcast incorporates a spinning globe shown here animated at 24 fps. logo animation

One of the news stories is about a website where people can go to post videos of them committting suicide, like an online suicide note. For that news story I made an animated logo for the website, animated at 24 fps.

Opinion survey

Another news story involved a public opinion poll. During that story, part of the screen is taken up by people commening on the survey. I made a social media newsfeed with their comments. This is a static example; in the film the comments scroll and the bars in the graph animate as the news caster reads the percentages.

Photos from the set

I also shot some photos during the filming, so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the movie Online